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Latest articles

How to See Your Subconscious

Everyone thinks the subconscious is something secretive and hidden and hard to access. Well, that is quite false! The reason this has been repeated over and over is because, up until now, no one has been able to decipher or decode or interpret the subconscious! In my research in neurobiology as well...

Want More Energy? It's Simple!

 You need Energy to get what you want done in life! How about a simple Formula to help you energize your day and life! Follow along the video with a pen and paper to write down the exercises as you go through the steps!  This is a fun and proven...

How to Maximize Your Purpose

We are raised in a mental, rational and intellectual system in which we are taught how to think to make our decisions, how to learn facts and figures in school. But applied to your Life Purpose, this is just one aspect of your being. You live on different "planes of existence"...

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