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 Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodology and Personality Profiling give you "Your Key Words" that activate You to Live to "Your Way" with Greater Happiness, Health & Fulfilment.


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[Podcast - Video - Article] What is the Essence of the REAL You?

[Podcast - Video - Article] What is the Essence of the REAL You?
If you were a Perfume, what fragrance or Essence would you be? What kind of scents would you want to give off and what kind would you want to be perceived by others?Would you want to be a strong smell or something flowery, light, spicy or fresh?Even though you are...

[Podcast - Video - Article] Go For it Only When...

[Podcast - Video - Article] Go For it Only When...
Go For it When It YES Feels So Right and Here's WhyThere is so much talk about being “connected” and most often about creating connection with other people. But isn’t there a step before that? Wouldn’t the first step be to create a “connection” FIRST to who you are?Sometimes an...

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