[Podcast - Video - Article] What is the Essence of the REAL You?

If you were a Perfume, what fragrance or Essence would you be? What kind of scents would you want to give off and what kind would you want to be perceived by others?Would you want to be a strong smell or something flowery, light, spicy or fresh?

Even though you are not a Perfume, people perceive your Essence. They get a sense of who you are but often they aren’t able to describe you. In this video series we are less concerned about what others “pick up” and more interested in you being connected and energised by being more fully you.

Having Your Personality Essence is also about having Presence! 


What my over 25 years of training and coaching experience has shown me is that most people are not sure themselves of their Essence. They don’t know how to describe in a juicy fashion who they are, nor list their top 10 talents. Most people aren’t aware of their personality traits so they don’t know how to access their inner resourcefulness for more happiness, success and during challenging times to stay balanced.

In my book “Modus Vivendi Your Life Your Way” I state that “no one taught you how to be you”… which is why it is so hard to step into being ourselves with clarity and confidence. That has been my role in Coaching for all these years. I help people deeply know and be who they are meant to be to create happier and healthier lives. It is amazingly fulfilling work.

So let’s get moving with the ESSENCE FORMULA:

Start first by RATING THE AMOUNT YOU LIVE YOUR ESSENCE from 1 as low to 1000 as high. It is about knowing the vastness of who you are. How well do you know yourself?

So the equation is this: E is for Essence on the first side of the equation and then on the other side we have 3 vital Components that make up ESSENCE.

SOUL PURPOSE - How aligned are you to feeling the presence of your Soul in your day to day life and interactions. How much do you feel you consciously give off the “perfume” of soul. This is not just about saying “Namaste” to people. It is a higher vibration of light that you and other people feel. Rate the amount of SOUL in your usual day from 1 (little connection) to 10 (lots of connection).

DESIRED PROJECT - You might know that we are all here for a reason! This part of the Formula is about “What Reason”? Some believe it is to clear up karma from past lives, other believe it is just because of our parents conceived us, others that a divinity put us on the earth. However you see it is less important now. What is important for this awareness is how clear you are on your “life project”. What are you here to do? Rate this from 1 (not clear at all) to 10 (consciously living your project). PS Life Purpose and Project are not your “job”. They are who you are 24/7.

PERSONALITY POTENTIAL - As I mentioned before, in my experience not many people are capable of describing their strengths. But since we are here for a physical experience in a 3D body (with the Soul Purpose as higher vibes), then we must be aware of what we do well and how much we are living our potential. Rate your level of living your potential (not at all) 1 - (super lots) 10.

The calculations I do are fun! So maybe having from 300-500 is really fantastic! But you know you are more and can therefore do more and have more.

When you want to be more you then reach out to me. My clients say I know them better than they know themselves which is why they get life changing results fast.

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