[VIDEO] How to See Your Subconscious - It's in all the Signs

Everyone thinks the subconscious is something secretive and hidden and hard to access. Well, that is quite false! The reason this has been repeated over and over is because, up until now, no one has been able to decipher or decode or interpret the subconscious! In my research in neurobiology as well as in symbology and biological Key Word Coding, I have discovered how to "see" the subconscious in action. 

When you know how to "see" your subconscious, you can make quantum leap improvements in your life, relationships and career satisfaction. You will have "new eyes" to observe the reasons why you have certain thoughts and feelings and then be able to detach from what is no longer serving you.  

Take 15 well spent minutes to watch this entire video so you know how to see your subconscious in play. Make it a fun process!  


After 25 years of training and coaching, and using many performance and behavior assessments, I know that people are so much more. Years ago I set out on a journey to discover how to help them identify this "so much more".  This lead me down a path of studying as a neurobiology therapist specialized in unblocking psychosomatic illnesses. Very few people know and use the fullness of who they are so I created the Personality & Needs Profile™ based on my studies. I reverse engineered the reason people get ill and switched it into a preventive tool so people stay healthy by living the fullness of their Personality, their Purpose and their Potential.  

You can find more information about how to get your Personality & Needs Profile™ here. It contains your Personality descriptions, as well as links to 13 training videos specific about your Needs... all in a 75 page Training Manual to walk you through the process of integrating fully who you are!