[PODCAST] Your Life Your Way - Episode #00 About Me

This new journey, Podcasting, "started calling me" a few months back. I love new adventures as well as teaching, training, coaching and creating. With so much "life changing content" to share from my over 25 years experience in the Personal Development field, I felt Podcasting to be the best way to offer listeners (and readers) inspirational and practical tools to support them along their journey through life. 



I am all about "know thyself" and "you have everything you need inside". For years in my Corporate Training I used the mainstream "one of 4" and "4 of 16" types to give clients a tool to understand their behavior. But soon I realized these were incomplete and often inaccurate. So I set out, on an adventure, to study and become a Psychosomatic illness therapist.

This path opened me to understand the human being more deeply and I was able to give my clients exact information about "who they are".  And how the information was worded and offered in a symbolic, metaphoric way catalyzed changes in them that they never thought possible. 

In this #00 Podcast Episode, I share a bit about myself so you know more about who you will be listening to in the continuing episodes. Thanks for being here. Leave a comment or question about your journey and your personal development needs so I can create Podcasts specific for your real life situations.