[VIDEO] Want More Energy? It's Simple! Follow the Formulas

 You need Energy to get what you want done in life! How about a simple Formula to help you energize your day and life! Follow along the video with a pen and paper to write down the exercises as you go through the steps! 

This is a fun and proven way for energy, as well as internal motivation! ENJOY!

I discovered and put together these Formulas in a simple and fun fashion,  based on my research in human programming, the brain and our cellular biology.  The information we have in our biology wants to be expressed. When you connect to it, through key words, through reminding (using your conscious mind) yourself, as well as feeling the empowerment, then your actions are more meaningful.

Very few people know how to find meaning and look for it outside of them. This is an inner game in which you want to use the energy of thought and emotion to have more vitality! The most vitality comes from knowing and being in the fullness of who you are.  A tool I created 15 years ago to help you with this is called the Personality & Needs Profile™ and I have used with clients worldwide in One on One Coaching Programs.

They have begged me to offer these tools as a DIY (do it yourself) package  as well as make the investment accessible for more people! So here it the link so you can find out more.  When you get your Personality & Needs Profile™ it contains your Personality descriptions, as well as links to 13 training videos specific about your Needs... all in a 75 page Training Manual to walk you through the process of integrating fully who you are! 

Understand more about how to get your Profile and Coaching here: https://www.dianadentinger.com/pages/coaching