Why Change? How about for Your Health's Sake!

Change Can Be Something Very Useful... Especially When it is Change for the Better! Get Instant Access to this Life Changing Step by Step Process to understand the Message and the Meaning of some of your Symptoms and Life Events.


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Change for better health

Do you know that EVERYTHING that "happens to you" is something you create. What you create, unfortunately mostly unconsciously (but you think you choose things consciously such as where you live, how many children you have, what career you chose, the people you meet and even small details such as the brand of your perfume..) but it is all programmed in your subconscious.  You unconsciously project it out to the world and "make happen" or "attract" that thing.

That is the reason the subconscious exists!  Because then you get a visible and tangible (it has a place, name and form) thing so you understand the subconscious. When you can consciously see what the subconscious wants to tell you then you can get the Meaning it has for you in your life! 

When you live it as the way things are, then even with an illness or disturbance, you don't have to buy in to "being sick" but rather just get the meaning it has for you. Once you do that then a healing process begins.  We all need accurate tools to be able to decipher the real meanings and what they mean to us individually. The 5 Step Change Process is a great beginning to understanding yourself more and having a more meaningful life!