Diana Dentinger 21st Century Coaching Methodologies

More and more people are feeling lost and are looking for transformational tools. 

More and more people are searching to find out who they are. 

More and more people want to know their purpose.

Are you a Life or Success Coaching looking to up level your skills and maximize results for clients? Or are you looking to launch yourself as a Coach or Trainer in this fast growing industry?
How Fast & How Well do You Really understand your Clients?
How do You know what is "Best" for Who they really Are?
Do you ever worry Your Clients won't get the needed ROI?

My clients say I know them better than they know themselves. It is a great compliment! Curious about how I am able to serve them so well? It's not because I use magic or a crystal ball that looks into their life, heart, mind and soul... but almost. The Personality & Needs Profile™ used in the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Methodology is the closest thing to having xray vision into their core needs and desires. 

Most of all, Your Clients yearn to be understood! Whether they never fully got if from their parents, friends or loved ones, they "pay you" because that is what they want the most! They have longed for it since they were a kid. When you show up and really "get" who they are, you become their trusted guide and their "go to person" to support them solving any of their issues and fulfilling their life purpose.

My mission is to train only 1% of the 50,000 Coaches worldwide to become World Class Coaches.

If you strive for excellence and want to distinguish yourself from the masses, then you must know, master and integrate the latest research in neurobiology into you programs.

You could literally be just a few steps away from becoming an even more Outstanding Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Therapist, Psychologist ... but first You must know this... There are a Limited Number of Applicants Accepted.

05. Facilitator Certification - Your Life Your Way Methodology Business in a Book
07. Psychosomatic Illness Training & Methodology to Unblock Client Disturbances