Live Your Purpose Challenge

Welcome! I am happy to have you here doing the Challenge.

This is going to be fun and exciting. You will go through this process, not necessarily along with a group on Facebook, if one is not running at the time of you signing up. So when "prompted in the videos" to share, then please send an email to me at with the instructions of what to post.

This is the simple 3 step process you will go through over the next 10 days! Simple is the way to go. Each day you will be prompted to share about yourself, based on your real personality in your personalized manual. ENJOY As a reminder, if you took the Find Your Purpose Quiz, then you might remember what was written on the PDF what Purpose is and what it is not.  

What Purpose is NOT: Just one thing, just what you love to do, defined as a role or job, what you do to leave a legacy, what you need to find or a mental "peace and love" phrase.

What Real Purpose IS: Something that evolves over time, an intense "never again" conflict in your DNA, who you are 24/7, a way to stay healthy and vibrant, what you need to experience in life and seen in your everyday tangible actions. 

CLICK HERE for the Quiz Sheet if you want to read it over again.

This is a Proven Process so Follow Each Step in Order.

Today is Day 0 so you want to have filled out the Questionnaire. Yippee! 

Now watch the Day 1 Welcome Video below and do the activity!

Day 1 Live Your Purpose from Diana Dentinger on Vimeo.

Make sure you did the Day 1 activity before moving on to watch the Day 2 video below.

Here is Day 2 so you can accelerate the process in this Preparation phase.
Day 2 Live Your Purpose from Diana Dentinger on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I will send you your Profile and the Day 3 and 4 Videos!


Enjoy your day!
Diana Dentinger