Live Your Purpose

Now the Real Fun Begins! 

You will have received your Purpose Finding Formula Manual with the descriptions of our 3 Core Personality Needs. Before diving into it and jumping ahead, it is important to understand that this is a step by step process. SO continue to do each day one at a time.

The reason why you are asked first to do the Preparation Work is so you "measure" where you are now in your self awareness both in how you describe yourself at the beginning of the process and how you see see yourself through your drawing. Everyday you will be asked to write and then draw. It is how the brain works and the fastest way to long lasting transformation. 

Here you go with Day 3 Video!

Day 3 Live Your Purpose from Diana Dentinger on Vimeo.


Make sure you write out your I AM statement!  


And if you want another description, DOWNLOAD here more explanations of the 22 Unique Individual Needs in my Book Extract of "Modus Vivendi Your Life Your Way".


Observe Yourself for a Day and then watch this Day 4 video.

Day 4 Live Your Purpose from Diana Dentinger on Vimeo.


Take it easy and enjoy being who you are focused on this first Need of yours.

All the best and more tomorrow, Diana