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Ready to Make Your 2020 Outstanding?

How many times have you told yourself you wanted to improve something, make a change or reach a goal. And in the process you either lost yourself, burned out or gave up.

Well, if you are ready to substitute the stress and struggle for some energising momentum, then join us in this 5 Day Challenge. Discover the easiest, most exact and effective way to finally achieve your goals and transform your life forever!

Hurry, this 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019

This small investment is for your unique Personality Readout so the whole process is personalised to your needs!

Your Hosts for the 5 Day Challenge are Diana Dentinger, Creator of Your Life Your Way™ & Sai Ramya, Master Certified Facilitator

Find Your Answers Inside & Trust to Act upon them!
The Your Life Your Way™ Profile is the Nudge.

"This incredible profile works on so many levels, first it is thought provoking and eye opening, then revealing and healing and finally profound and utterly freeing! I am endlessly grateful to Diana for being instrumental in triggering positive change in me and helping me start a new chapter in my life. I have rediscovered the most comfortable zone within which I can really evolve. I went from a pretty good life in usual western world terms to now developing more meaningfully and excited simply being who I am at my best!"

Natalie Wood
Project Manager, Eaton
Geneva, Switzerland

You are so Much More than 1 of 8 Types!
Discover about How Amazingly Multifaceted You are in Each Day of the Challenge.

This is the Easiest, Most Fun & Effective Way to Know Yourself.
Join the Challenge to You Live Your Life to the Best!

Want to Know the Big Secret? We have a Different Approach for Personal & Professional Development.

The Work-on-Yourself-Approach for Personal Growth comes from the Industrial Revolution.  

There are underlying threads of you as a “machine” with something to fix. It is heavy on your heart and psychologically draining. It attempts to narrow down the complexity of a human being to find what is “broken in you”. And then, it tries to add a cog or widget to make you Productive again. It is very "Old School" triggering your fears about not being enough.

Your Life Your Way™ uses the Know-Yourself-Approach that comes from ancient philosophy, advanced research in Neuroscience as well as my experience as a Psychosomatic Illness therapist.  

The "Key Words" in your Profile revive your connection to Who You are. It is emotionally moving. You feel so clear and confident, expansive and energised. You remember how to find your answers inside. You see yourself full of innate talents and resourcefulness. It is the most empowering way for 21st Century People to step fully into their unique Personality, Life Purpose and Potential.

Praise for the Profile & the Process

"I was so surprised at how precise all this information is about me. It helped me to observe and change certain behaviours in a way that actually make me feel better! So now I understand why I am doing things, and instead of putting myself down for stuff, I am aware of it. It helps me not take things to an extreme and blame myself. The support from Diana was fantastic so I could integrate things and it added such a personal touch."

Aina Brence  Fashion Designer, UK

"Diana represents the change that I so desperately needed. Before Coaching I was very confused about who I really was without enthusiasm for life, doing everything robotically, even the things that I once loved doing. She helped me rediscover myself. Amazingly she knew so much more about me than I actually ever did! I gained so much awareness, became a new person feeling happier, more productive and it got better."

Vitoria Castro  Video Marketing, USA

"Diana, you have blown we away with what you knew! It was so impressive and accurate. You have surprised me so many times with your insights and your amazing accurate perceptions... and also you generosity!

You are so talented and intuitive. Everyone will be very impressed with what they learn about themselves and their dear ones."

Lorie Marrero  Best Selling Author Clutter Diet, USA

You get these All Tools for Life Changing Progress in 5 Short Days

Your unique My Life My Way™ Readout

Daily Video Trainings on How to Be YOU!

Daily Handouts via Email to Follow along

Daily Live Q&A Calls via Zoom

An Active Facebook Community

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This Challenge is for you if...

You feel like you are here for something more and want real answers about how to make those bigger dreams come true.

You need practical solutions to nagging issues like those silly arguments in relationships or what stinks about your job.

You feel frustrated, confused or doubtful about some your choices and you really want to stop worrying so much.

You are in the rut and sometimes you feel empty even though you are full of stuff and others think you have a "perfect life".

You want a lifestyle that really fits you, with time to take care of your health and the people you love while having cool experiences.

You feel lost, as if you have taken on "roles" and actually become more them than who you really are inside.

These 5 Days are NOT for you if...

You prefer to blame your family, society, politics, your mother in law or the neighbour's dog for your personal dissatisfactions.  

You feel that life has no meaning so you might as well just binge on Netflix all day or go shopping for more stuff to put in your closets.

You think that it is impossible to change and that personal growth takes years and years before anyone ever sees results.

You are afraid to find out about all your amazing talents because then you might just have to use them!

You find excuses for why you can't do things even though you know doing them would be good for you.

You are only curious to know more about yourself and other people too so you can use it for small talk conversations.

Training & Coaching for over 30 years now, I've seen thousands of people. Some are ready, some aren't. How about You? Is this going to be the Best Year Yet?

Hurry, this 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019

This small investment is for your unique Personality Readout so the whole process is personalised to your needs!

Know Yourself? Why is it Important? Want to take their Word for it?

It's Great They Say it... but Greater that We Teach it!

Fast Forward to See Yourself in 3 Months from now!

😀 You are crystal clear on what you want and the direction to move in.
🤩 You are saying no to distractions and doing more of what matters to you.
😍 You feel totally confident, creative, empowered and innerly resourceful!

Hurry, this 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019

This small investment is for your unique Personality Readout so the whole process is personalised to your needs!

It's all possible! Just Follow the Daily Schedule below.
Pause 30 Minutes to Read and Reflect about Yourself each of the 5 Days!

First watch a short video that guides you through specific areas of your Personality.

Then read the 3 or 4 short pages in your unique My Life My Way™ Personality Readout

After that, download the PDF Handout that you find below the video.

Write down your personal reflections to the questions in the daily PDF Handout.

If you wish, hop over the the private Facebook group and post your answers to the Prompt of the Day.

Finally get even more crystal clear on the daily Live Q&A Calls held on Zoom.

Personality is Complex but We have Made it Super Simple for You to Be the Best You!  

Here's What Client all over the World say about Your Life Your Way™

Hurry, this 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019


This small investment is for your unique Personality Readout so the whole process is personalised to your needs!

You are going to Love this as much as They do!

"Diana is a kind, wise, intuitive & insightful guide. I love her powerful passion that flows through her work, spreading to her clients, enabling them to thrive in all avenues of life. Diana helped me bring out my inner child to support my life’s purpose. If you decide to work with Diana, you’re in for a joy ride that will change your world for the better!!”

Ariella Forstein  Voice & Speaker Coach, USA

"The day after our first session, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000. I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.”

Costanza T.  Art Curator, Italy

"Diana is the first person whose words gave me enormous relief after my divorce. No other psychiatrist, psychotherapist, counsellor or coach I have ever met could make me feel so good."

SMS  Financial Manager, INDIA

"I feel sorry for the people that don’t do coaching with Diana. They really miss out on learning how to be themselves!”

Maria F.  Media Creation, Portugal

"Diana’s playful attitude made learning about myself fun. I feel so energized and am finally dedicating my free time to writing a book to help women in an abusive relationship.”

Raffaela P.  IT Manager, Italy

"Everyone in the world needs to get Coaching on Who they are. Diana has made it all so fun!"

Alessandro De Cillis  VP Corecom, Italy

"I am totally blown away by the facts you shared. You are awesome!”

Prateek  Restaurant Manager, UK

"Diana’s method connects the human being in a way that feels right!”

Mark Rabbitt  Leadership Coach, USA

"Diana is one of my favorite and esteemed women. Thank you again for all you have taught me.”

Judith Fine-Sarchielli Copywriting Agency, USA

"You spend 10 minutes with Diana and you will want her for 10 Days.”

Linda Pereira Event Organization, Portugal

"Thanks so much for making a positive difference in my life."

Maria Petrak The Best of the World Network, Austria

Who are your Hosts? Hi, I'm Diana Dentinger together with Master Facilitator Sai Ramya

If you meet me in person you will notice I have tons of energy. I have intuitively known my purpose ever since I was a kid in a huge family, wanting to figure out what made all my 250 blood relatives different from each other. This was the beginning of my search to find this answers.

For this I was Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for the Creation of the Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Methodology, fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of my education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses. At heart, I am a Science nerd.

I like to be a trendsetter, differentiating myself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. I've been doing this in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's.

Living in Europe since I graduated with a Marketing Degree from Miami University (over 35 years ago) I spend my time Coaching, creating content for online programs, inspiring people worldwide, and training "New School" Coaches in the Your Life Your Way™ Facilitator Certification Program. What I love the most are my 4 kids, being in nature and dancing wildly!

Some professional facts, I have been seen on over 200 major media channels for my profound work with Executives and Entrepreneurs in projects like “Women of Meaning” and I am a Best Selling Author with my book "Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way" and a featured contributor to the books “Journeys to Success”, “Be More Do More”, “Pure Genius”, “Here’s How I Did It”. I hope you do cool stuff too with your life!


Charismatic and wise, Sai Ramya is a Trainer - Coach - Counsellor - Mentor specialized in “New School” ways to catalyse rapid and long lasting change. In small Group Workshops and One on One Coaching, she keeps her clients focused holding them accountable to move forward towards their desired goals. She is an enthusiastic and positive speaker with the power to bring about transformation in the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, financial and spiritual spheres. It is her joy to serve clients with empowering success strategies.

Creative Methodologies, Experiential Learning with a W-holistic Approach.

Processed Analysis of Personality with the Your Life Your Way Personality & Needs Profile. Additional Tools: DMIT, Gallup etc to Best Decipher & Plan Goals & Creative Solutions.

What is Standing in Your Way? Take a Stand for Yourself!

You can overcome anything when you align with Who You are!
This is a very practical (and spiritual) journey to be the Best You Yet.

Hurry, this 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019


See You when the 5 Day Challenge begins December 3, 2019!

This small investment is for your unique Personality Readout so the whole process is personalised to your needs!

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