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Recent studies show that despite the millions of dollars spent on Corporate Training and Executive Coaching, there is little to no long term ROI. Diana Dentinger stands apart from the crowd of "cookie cutter" trainers as she has created her own proprietary methodologies based on her studies as a neuroscience therapist. For the past 25 years Diana Dentinger has Built Teams, Coached Executives and Leaders. She leverages her intellectual property and training experience to focus on exactly what clients need.

The foundation of every Professional Development Program is Diana's proprietary PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ so clients know who they are (Personality), why they are here (Purpose) and what more they can be (Potential). From this basis each person creates their own "unique" 3 Pillars of Sustainability - Clarity, Confidence & Energy. Once those pillars are in place, then "what a person wants to or needs to achieve" can be approached. Instead, "chasing after" results becomes tiring, frustrating and stressful if the critical foundation and 3 supportive pillars are not in place.


Your Team needs a a clear picture of the organization’s sustainability and how you intend to increase revenues and decrease costs. And decision makers need vital information about how supportive their Teams perceive the organization to be, if it’s structure facilitates their work and how, if the company is compliant with values, behaviors and attitudes.

Informative meetings are not enough to understand everyone’s perspective. Generic mission statements do not motivate nor catalyze long lasting change. The advantage of this Team Building Training is to ensure that Team Members, Board Members and Stakeholders are all “on the same page” and can get “the pink elephant out of the room”. Often fear of getting “negative” feedback inhibits management to deal with the real issues of internal conflicts. Solutions are subjective, leaving employees feeling disadvantaged.

This task is best done by an outside consultant. Diana Dentinger is effective at uncovering factors that are undermining sustainable success in organizations and breaking down the organization’s challenges into elegant frameworks and infographics. Using the PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ as the foundation to Team Building, the organization visually sees how to leverage the best of each individual and explores in depth greater opportunities for expansion. The result is increased individual performance as well as multiplication of the effectiveness of the Team by having the right person in the right place.

All Team Building Training Programs are Customized to Where Your Team Members are now and Where they Need to Be! Contact Diana Dentinger to set up a Skype or Conference Call Meeting to understand more: contact@dianadentinger.com.

The benefits are numerous: improved communication, increased engagement, creative problem solving, maximization of both talent similarities and differences, not to mention high ROI. Organizations are dealing now with low performance, high stress, turnover, absenteeism, and even poor time management through distraction. Having top notch Team Building tools helps you identify top performers and keep them motivated as well as stimulate everyone on board.


You have the elite credentials, dominant skill set and respected name because of your uncompromising results. You strive for excellence. Being an influential leader is important to you. The PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ is the only leading edge tool for fast track leadership development. Executive Coaching can be viewed as a strategic initiative to improve your performance, to emphasize your unique potential and even to see what gets in the way of you understanding the people you lead. It is vital to help you create the vision, enhance your planning skills, inspire and motivate teams, and catalyze the change you see necessary to steer your company forward.


Diana Dentinger Example Personality & Needs Profile

In an Executive Coaching Program, Diana Dentinger aligns you with your innate potential. She understands that when you are coherent in your talents and values, others are more likely to trust, believe in and respect you as their leader. You will create stronger relationships, long lasting growth and loyalty. Making your Leadership Style based on Who You Are is the most effective and coherent way of doing it! Then you become the voice of authority and select the most appropriate behaviors. You avoid reacting in a negative and self- limiting way, as well as you reduce conflict in yourself and in others.

Your motivations for getting Executive Coaching may vary, but often they revolve around your personal skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics or career transition. There are a broad range of business issues to approach and this process helps you flourish in this environment.

Ready to raise your level of confidence, stability and influence? Diana has a reputation for delivering astute insights and elegant problem solving so both you and your organization achieve excellent results.

All C-Level Coaching is Customized to Where You are now and Where You Need to Be! Contact Diana Dentinger to set up a Skype or Conference Call Meeting to understand more: contact@dianadentinger.com. 


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1. How valuable is the performance and potential to your company of your Executives and Teams?  If the answer is "very valuable" then read on... 

Executive Coaching, using the foundation of the PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ is the most time effective process in the PD Industry. This tool helps get straight to the point of where the C-level or head of a major business unit needs to improve.  If the investment seems excessive, consider that the experience and expertise of Diana Dentinger to quickly grasp your leader’s situation and challenges is matched by few. Her clients say she knows them better than they know themselves and this is how she supports your Executives to make the better choices. Typically a Program lasts 6 to 12 months involving bimonthly meetings, regular phone calls and e-mail check-ins.

Team Building, using the foundation of PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ as well as The Change Your Game Your Way tools of Diana Dentinger, allow your team to skyrocket their results. Each team member will fully understand their innate potential as well as that of the others. This means for better communication and collaboration among them all. Typically a Program lasts 6 to 12 months with an initial 2 day Intensive and monthly training days. 




2. What challenges are your people facing right now? If they are related to low performance, low motivation, poor relationship and collaboration, low concentration for high distractions etc then read on... 

Training and coaching is about people and their behavior that makes or breaks relationships and results! When there are behavioral changes needed to get to the next level, then Diana Dentinger is who to call on. Often C-levels are struggling to manage themselves in their stressful roles and unable to productively engage with others. Or they might be trying to figure out how to work with the Board or simply learn how to lead former colleagues. Too often the Executive destroys team creativity with their resistance to all ideas but their own. In this case both Executive Coaching and Team Building are vital to the sustainability of your company. 

Training and coaching is different from Consultancy. Trainers and Coaches help C-levels and Teams think through and tackle their own problems. That they create trust and accountability are the prime objectives. 


3. How willing are your people to work with a Trainer or Coach? If they are wanting tools to manage themselves better to feel more energized and increase their productivity in more effective ways then read on...

Your people have to want to change or any training could be a waste of money. Either that or they have to have a Trainer or Coach who is bright, enthusiastic, personable and fun so they are motivated to change. Diana Dentinger steps up to any human challenge so companies are guaranteed a high ROI, both in the short term and long term. She has never found a person who is not coachable since she puts them face to face in a  realistic way about their strengths and weaknesses. Clients learn to take responsibility for how they act and the results they produce because Diana sees them in their greatness and they respond by being great.


4. What is your company doing to solve your people's challenges? If you are doing very little, or nothing then read on...

There are many ways to support your personnel's growth. Often there is much emphasis put on hard skills like mastering technology, when instead people need to learn to master themselves!  Changing the way people think and act is tough without precise methodologies and skills. When the key leaders are involved in Coaching and reap the benefits, then this counteracts indifference in the company or skeptical battles around change. Diana Dentinger's Coaching is more about dealing with "messy people stuff" so relationships improve and employee engagement increases. Her clients have had major breakthroughs leading to massive time and money savings, increased earnings and time effective meetings.



“Diana used the PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ to help our Team reach Results this year. Before knowing this method, we were still having petty disagreements and not moving forward. With her annual Corporate Program, we finally became aware of each other's talents, and the traits that made us all amazing people. Now we leverage our differences to win in our competitive industry.” Walter Liotta, CEO, Italy

“I learned so much about where some of my beliefs were launched. It was also helpful to learn more about what how timing and ancestry impacts my strengths and my challenges.  Your work helps to light a new way forward!”  Julie Jakopic, President iLead Strategies, USA

“The only thing I can say is amazing!”  Ornella T., CEO Wine Distribution, Italy

“Working with Diana to discover my needs was very eye opening for me. It supported me to communicate better with my spouse and children as I understood how my innate reaction were. Her programs are worth investing in and ones I greatly value.” Siobhan Wilcox, Founder of the Thrive Now Blueprint, USA

"Diana has an amazing ability to connect, inspire and teach people how to truly be their most authentic self and to live an amazingly simple and exciting life. Diana does all of this with loving energy filled with grace. My experience working with Diana has been and continues to be impactful and life altering. She has this ability to teach each of us about our real and natural selves. The benefit to you is that once you're aligned with your true self, you'll have a deeper understanding that'll help you to live and move through your life freely and with a silent, yet bold confidence.Knowing who we truly are and how we can live our life to our fullest capacity is the best gift we can ever receive. Thank you Diana." Mark Rabbit, Leadership Coach, USA Marines Trainer, USA


Once the foundation of "Know Thyself" with the PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ is in place, then each individual charts out with 1. Utmost Clarity exactly WHAT their Professional Development and Professional Goals look like. They are given tools to see themselves and their objectives from a Visionary perspective. Thought or Mindset work is not effective since it is only linear. Rather Visioning work is highly productive being they see the start and the finish as a moving picture. Next, clients examine their innate talents to align their HOW to have 2. Unshakeable Self Confidence and learn to deeply trust in their strengths to both flow with creativity and productivity in the present as well as open to unexpected opportunities. Finally they maintain 3. Unlimited Energy by having tools to manage the predictable mental and emotional drains and prevent them from occurring.

All C-Level Coaching and Team Building Training Programs are Customized to Where You All are now and Where You All Need to Be! Contact Diana Dentinger to set up a Skype or Conference Call Meeting to understand more: contact@dianadentinger.com.  

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