Diana Dentinger Facilitator Certification Program


"Calling all Coaches! I'm Looking For A Few More Outstanding People!"

More and more people are feeling lost and are looking for transformational tools. More and more people are searching to find out who they are. More and more people want to know their purpose.

Are you a Life or Success Coaching looking to up level your skills and maximize results for clients?
Or are you looking to launch yourself as a Coach or Trainer in this fast growing industry?
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How Fast & How Well do You Really understand your Clients?
How do You know what is "Best" for Who they really Are?
Do you ever worry Your Clients won't get the needed ROI?


My clients say I know them better than they know themselves. It is a great compliment! Curious about how I am able to serve them so well? It's not because I use magic or a crystal ball that looks into their life, heart, mind and soul... but almost. The Personality & Needs Profile™ used in the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Methodology is the closest thing to having xray vision into their core needs and desires. 

Most of all, Your Clients yearn to be understood! Whether they never fully got if from their parents, friends or loved ones, they "pay you" because that is what they want the most! They have longed for it since they were a kid. When you show up and really "get" who they are, you become their trusted guide and their "go to person" to support them solving any of their issues and fulfilling their life purpose.

My mission is to train only 1% of the 50,000 Coaches worldwide to become World Class Coaches. If you strive for excellence and want to distinguish yourself from the masses, then you must know, master and integrate the latest research in neurobiology into you programs.

You could literally be just a few steps away from becoming an even more Outstanding Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Therapist, Psychologist ... but first You must know this... There are a Limited Number of Applicants Accepted.

A Few Words of Warning! You Must Commit to Never Repeating These Unforgivable Coaching Mistakes

1st Mistake:  Most Coaches are in their own "Story" 

Most coaches make the mistake of being in their own personal story and  emotional "re-sent-ment". You don't have to be stress free, but you do need to have mastered your emotions, if not you will attract clients like you and be triggered into re-feeling their difficulties - as if they were yours! REMEMBER: Your clients are stuck in their problems because they are unclear about their Needs and they are bearers of beliefs. They could see a bunch of solutions if only they could focus on who they are.
With YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching you learn how to see solutions for them, but this requires that you are emotionally free and detached. When you learn how to use the Personality & Needs Profile tools in your client's YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY PLAYBOOK, you will know exactly who you are and who your client is. Your guidance becomes priceless and is amazingly effective for who your clients are and what they want regardless of whether you would or would not do the same thing.

2nd Mistake:  Most Coaches only think "people" & "opinions"

The most effective way to think is “animal” when they share their issues! You must be able to read between the lines of what your clients want in terms of "life in a pack" or even "outside the pack". Unless you are fully prepared and learned in the different levels of behavior, you risk judging, justifying or disregarding how your client or those involved in their "issues" behave! This is a grave mistake!  

With YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching you learn how to interpret actions and symptoms, from a sneeze to a back ache to diabetes, so you are able to get what is really going on with your clients. Often your client is not able to understand how even small mishaps communicate things about their underlying fears and desires. They don't know how to explain it. Becoming a Certified Facilitator you learn symbology, etymology and biology. You are able to understand what your client doesn’t. You transmit the message to them and things shift in their lives without "working on it".

3rd Mistake:  Most Coaches only think about "Results"

Most trainers and coaches work with clients to reach an end result. In reality, results do not exist. A path or more possible paths exist. Finding these paths and living them is the real goal. Your goal is to have your clients take a journey.  
With YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching you learn how to give your clients tools to change. Your clients learn how to walk down their own path in life. Their “results” will depend on if they have taken the journey well. You might often see that your clients reach a result, but then do nothing to change. They deal with their problems but they don’t learn to adapt. Therefore they do not learn how to change. They only become dependent on your and then need help to solve every problem. Teach them how to know themselves and SET THEM FREE. Take them on a journey.



If You want to become even better at guiding your clients and at avoiding these and other costly, unethical mistakes (btw your colleagues and competitors are making them), then YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PAGE.  The next step is to APPLY FOR FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION.

You already know that most coaching programs are “cookie cutter” with a one size fits all process. And that is why so many Coaches live in doubt! You all realize that every person is a unique individual with a unique combination of strengths, as well as you know that a “generic” process can not be effective.

MOVE BEYOND THE MASSES! There is nothing generic about the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching created and used by Diana Dentinger. Every person is considered unique and as a trainer or coach it is your highest ethical responsibility to guide your client to be themselves, not to think and act like you. APPLY FOR FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION


The Facilitator Certification Training Program is a go at your own pace course - lasting from 3 to 9 months - depending on how much time you wish to dedicate to up leveling and learning these leading edge coaching tools. 


You go through YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching with me so you Know Yourself inside and out, so you live the process on yourself and so you increase your self awareness, up level your life and expand your consciousness before trying to do it with clients.
During this phase of a recommended 9 weeks, we have 3 One on One Calls together.


You go through the 12 FACETS OF PERSONALITY so you know what each area of who we are means to how we live who we are. Most people know a few other their strengths but they don't know how they tie into their wholeness. Consider a complete personality being a 12 piece puzzle. Each piece has a specific place in the whole picture. After this phase, which could take a few weeks we have a Q&A Call.


You learn, study and get to know by heart the 22 UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS (the 22 categories of the total of the 66 possible inherited emotional conflicts) in the KEY WORDS for each one, in the PREDICTABLE FACTS in the genealogy for each and in the HIGHER POTENTIAL & PURPOSE for each.

Depending on how curious and intensely you study this could take from 3 weeks onward. We have a Q&A Call when you feel complete.


You will be given the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching Playbook with Personality Profile of my previous clients for you to study and coach me through as if I were them. I have their preliminary questionnaire that you can read so you learn how to connect what they say about themselves and their issues, to who they are as well as the predictability of how they explain things.

This is the funnest part of all when you really shine! 

You could prepare each case study in a few hours and then we have our One on One Calls. When you "pass" then you will be officially Certified. I am demanding because I feel that as coaches and guides for people looking to improve their lives we have a highly responsible role. 


You will get my "advice" on how to best position what you do for others based on who you really are. This can be through creating a One page Speaker Media Kit so you get hired to do Conferences, the key words to put in your BIO, or the correct wording for a flyer for a local Workshop!



When you become a Certified Facilitator you can do One on One or Group Coaching with these tools as they are or integrate the information you will have from clients with what you already do.

You are not allowed to teach the methodology! I have over 15 years of experience and tens of thousands of hours in research involved in being the creator of this methodology. You would be doing your "students" wrong and if they had deeper questions, you would not be able to answer them so save yourself from the loss of trust.

To use the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching tools you will become licensed and owe an annual licensee fee that we will establish together as well as for every client PLAYBOOK or Personality Profile elaborated, you will also have a minimal fee to pay. 

All you have to do now is fill out the form to APPLY FOR FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION and then book a call with me.

Fill out the questionnaire and then schedule your interview. 

Thank you for your interest.

Diana Dentinger

Author, International Speaker, Corporate Team Builder, and Coach has created her own scientifically proven Coaching Methodology. After 20 years of using her proprietary leading edge tools, she is opening the doors to enrollment in a one of a kind Train the Trainer Facilitator Certification Program.
You will learn how to know your clients better than they know themselves. You will even go through the process yourself so you understand yourself, who you really are, why you are here and how you can become more.
As founder of The Meaning of Life School and Life & Leadership Academy, Diana is dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide by expanding her reach through other coaches, trainers, HR professionals and counselors interested in serving their clients more fully.
This is an application only Program to guarantee our high standards of excellence and ethical performance. Your Coaching and Training can have a big impact on people's lives, relationships, health and wealth. Would you like to make that impact bigger and better?




"I was so surprised at how precise all this information is about me.  And it is so easy to follow on line. It helped me to observe and change certain behaviors in a way that actually make me feel better! So now I understand why I am doing things, and instead of putting myself down for stuff, I am aware of it. It helps me not take things to an extreme and blame myself.  It has been really helpful and very useful!  And the support with messages and the final call were fantastic to really help me integrate things and it added such a personal touch! Now and then I go back to watch the videos, even after the initial days, to expand my view on each of my Needs and to continue growing." Aina Brence  Fashion Designer, England


"I know Diana as a friend and as a transformational coach. She has always been a source of love truth and inspiration. This process is life changing. When I worked with Diana to discover my needs, I remembered my fuller potential and connected deeper with my purpose. When our purpose is made clear through powerful questions everything flows in one's life. It is as if the things that once were blurred come into consciousness allowing oneself to thrive natural and gracefully. This deep wok of insight and awareness has reinforced the work I do serving my clients as a prosperity coach." Patricia Gozlan  Prosperity Coach, Switzerland


"Diana has an amazing ability to connect, inspire and teach people how to truly be their most authentic self and to live an amazingly simple and exciting life.  Diana does all of this with loving energy that is filled with a feeling of ease and grace. My experience working with Diana has been and continues to be impactful and life altering. She has this ability to teach each of us about our real and natural selves. The benefit to you is that once you're aligned with your true self, you'll have a deeper understanding that'll help you to live and move through your life freely and with a silent, yet bold confidence. Knowing who we truly are and how we can live our life to our fullest capacity is the best gift we can ever receive. Thank you Diana."  Mark Rabbitt  Leadership Coach, USA


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