Because You Know You Are so Much More!

Right now you might be feeling stuck in a situation, overwhelmed with too much to do or a bit empty dedicating time doing stuff that doesn't really matter to you. Get back to being who you are meant to be.  

Creator of the only 21st Century, Neuroscience based Personality Profile and Coaching Methodology called Your Life Your Way, Diana Dentinger has the most Transformational Tools to catalyze long lasting change so you live your Fullest Potential in a Practical and Spiritual way.

This is fruit of rigorous research and a 25 year Career as a Team Building Specialist, Coach & Neurobiology therapist. Diana is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker & is now training Coaches in the Your Life Your Way Methodology.  

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Fast Track Your Personal & Professional Growth by getting Your Complete Personality Profile in a DIY Course or One on One Coaching Session.

This is a real no brainer! Read the testimonials to see how people get quick, fun and profound results through "knowing who they are" with the Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodology. The DIY Offer is for Your Unique Personality Profile and 20 part Masterclass Training to step into living the fullness of who you are!

Feeling a bit empty or maybe even a bit lost? Tired of being pulled in so many directions? Had enough the drain of guilt, confusion and overwhelm? Get on a One Hour Call with Diana Dentinger & Your Personality Profile for life changing clarity so you know how to create long lasting happiness, success and fulfillment.

Overcome your current difficulties by discovering your untapped potential. Feel resourceful to readjust or even reinvent yourself with the changes in your social, work or even family settings. Your Bounce Back Personality Profile supports you to make better decisions, feel empowered and move forward faster.

What Clients Say about Working with Diana Dentinger

"Everyone needs Your Life Your Way Coaching. This Program is astounding. Diana, you have to make it accessible to more people!"

Miguel Ribera  Shark Tank Judge, Portugal

"Knowing my natural Talents & Skills with Your Life Your Way is encouraging and fundamental in facing the transition now in my Life."

Nancy Allen  CEO Her Company, Inc, USA

"I got more out of 2 days with Diana than in 8 UPW's. This is just what I was looking for in my own Personal and Professional Development."

Callum Bridgeford  Ninja Avocado, UK

Why get Coached by Diana Dentinger

Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for her Creation of the Personality & Needs Profile & the Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodology

An innovative Change Maker and influential Thought Leader, Diana is a Pioneer in spirit, exploring and finding Solutions to Human Behavior issues at work like low job performance, lack of motivation and burnout; and for rapid, long lasting Personal Growth like Self Confidence, Realization & Fulfillment.

As a trendsetter, she differentiates herself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. She has been in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's.

Her own proprietary Methodology is fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of her Education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

Living in Europe since 1984, she raises her 4 children in Italy, spends her time creating content for online programs, inspiring people worldwide and training "new school" Coaches.

Diana drastically shortens the time for you to get results by getting you to Know Who You Are. She is the top specialist in Personality, Performance, Key Word Coding to Shift Behavior, Symbology and Etymology. All these are necessary to catalyze long lasting change in people.

She has been seen on over 200 major media channels for her profound work with Executives and Entrepreneurs in her “Women of Meaning” project of “Find Meaning to Find Yourself”. She is a Best Selling Author with her book "Modus Vivendi" and as a featured contributor to the books “Journeys to Success”, “Be More Do More”, “Pure Genius”, “Here’s How I Did It”.

"I was so surprised at how precise all this information is about me. It helped me to observe and change certain behaviours in a way that actually make me feel better! So now I understand why I am doing things, and instead of putting myself down for stuff, I am aware of it. It helps me not take things to an extreme and blame myself. It has been really helpful and useful. The support from Diana was fantastic so I could integrate things and it added such a personal touch."

Aina Brence  Fashion Designer, UK

"Diana has an amazing ability to connect, inspire and teach people how to truly be their most authentic self and to live an amazingly simple and exciting life. Diana does all this with loving energy. My experience with her has been and continues to be impactful and life altering. The benefit to you is that once you are aligned with your true self, you'll have a deeper understanding that will help you live and move through your life freely with a silent yet bold sense of confidence."

Mark Rabbitt  Leadership, Marines, USA

"I know Diana as a friend and transformational coach. She has always been a source of love, truth and inspiration. This process is life changing. When I worked with Diana to discover my Needs, I remembered my fuller potential and connected deeper with my purpose. With that everything flows into my life. It is as if the things that were once blurred came into consciousness and allowed me to thrive gracefully. This deep work of insight reinforced the work I do."

Patricia Gozlan  Prosperity Coach, Switzerland

What are you waiting for to Be Who You are meant to Be?

Ready to say good bye to overwhelm, doubt & frustration! Sign up for a Personalized Session with Diana to have a major shift in your Clarity & your Confidence. Your Life Your Way Coaching has Nothing to do with Mindset or Changing Limiting Beliefs. Those are outdated, "Old School" techniques. Your Life Your Way has everything to do with clear and moving answers to "Who You Are" & "Why You are Here". Your Profile and Power Hour with Diana Dentinger is the Best Blend of Practicality & Spirituality so Your Perceptions, Behaviours and Life Change for the Better.

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