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Spend a fun and profound day with Diana Dentinger reviving your energy and refining your Life Purpose. This is vital to your health, happiness and fulfillment. 

LIVE ON PURPOSE CREATE PROSPERITY WORKSHOPS help you get absolute clarity on who you are for better decision making, less mental and emotional drain and action taking momentum to live the life you truly deserve... Your Way. You finally take control of your life by knowing for sure why you are here and what more you can be!  In 2 or 3 Day Workshops you experience the sensation of "coming home to yourself". You remember your greatness, you reconnect to your dreams and you energize your life desires. This allows you to eliminate the struggle to get what you want because you instantly become the person you are meant to be.


Diana Dentinger has been a Corporate Trainer, Team Building Specialist and Personal Development Coach for over 25 years. Not only these roles, but she also studied as a Neurobiology therapist learning how to unblock psychosomatic illnesses through Key Words and Symbology. She studied how the brain really works and why the popular performance assessments, mindset coaching and even manifestation practices don't have long lasting effects or ROI.  She reverse engineered the processes to create the only 21st Century PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ that unlocks your access to your DNA coding. Clients say she knows them better than they know themselves. It is true. And it is time you get to know yourself this well!


On the tangible side, when you sign up you get the Personality Section of YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY™ PLAYBOOK with 8 VIDEO LINKS TO YOUR PERSONALIZED VIDEOS including also you GAME BOARD with CARDS. Plus the excitement of being with like minded people to share this unique personal and professional growth process with. With the Playbook you have precise and moving descriptions about your innate "Needs" as talents in 12 different facets of your personality. These drive your behavior, values, interests and strengths. On the intangible side you get access to self awareness that you have not ever had before in your life, you get a boost in self love and appreciation and you get excited about the rest of your life! Sign up today to participate in a Workshop near you.


When you know Who You Are (Personality Talents), Why You Are Here (Your Purpose) and What More You Can Be (Your Fullest Potential) then you create positive change in every area of your life.

PROFESSIONALLY: You know what your true calling is! If you are an Entrepreneur then finally you know how to Brand your Business based on who you are with your unique Personality so your business feels like you and flows with increased energy. You know how to make the best decisions if you want to transition into a more fulfilling career because you get the confidence to do it and you shut off all the "I can't or I am not enough" mind chatter.

Simona S., Sale Representative: “Why did it take me so long to discover myself?  After school I chose a career that took all the life out of me! I needed a change and with Diana’s coaching I became certain of my personal calling. My new business is flourishing.” 

Silvia S., Shiatsu Practitioner: “I feel so relieved after being in this program.  It reconfirmed the things I sensed  to be true about myself but that I didn’t know how to use.  Now I know exactly  how to take my life experiences to help my clients.”  

INTERPERSONALLY: You improve relationships because you can communicate your needs and desires with love. You begin to feel increased self love which impacts the love around you in intimate, family, friendships and business relations.

Maria F., Media Creation: “I feel sorry for the people that don’t do coaching with Diana. They really miss out on learning how to be themselves!”

Anna M., Public Administration:  “I spent months arguing with my teenage daughter because she wanted to study at the Art Academy. Being I need certainty, I insisted she study something that would give her a stable income after college. Not until Diana showed me the differences in our Needs did I understand that she needed to express her passion and creativity. I gave in to her choice and I am so happy I did.  She is so happy with her studies, does a great job and has really blossomed!  She even lost 15 lbs.  I never could have been so relaxed about her future and choices if it weren’t for Diana’s workshop.”

FINANCIALLY: You know your own self worth so you can even increase your fees if that feels best. Then the real financial abundance comes because you feel the infinite flow of abundance from within. You learn how to energize yourself, your life and your finances. 

Costanza T., Art Curator: “The day after the Workshop, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000.  I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.”  

All of Diana's hundreds of clients fill out a Questionnaire before starting to work with her. She reads how "little they know about themselves" and how their "purpose is so generic".  She is not amazed then at their challenges to get what they want in life! 



 Diana Dentinger's workshops are published and promoted by affiliates in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Portugal and South Africa. Each has their own pricing based on the demand and venue.


 Contact Diana Dentinger via email at contact@dianadentinger.com, via whatsapp at +393461427444 or via Facebook / LinkedIn messaging. 


“I feel so relieved after being in this program. It reconfirmed the things I sensed to be true about myself but that I didn’t know how to use. Now I know exactly how to take my painful life experiences to help my clients.” Silvia S., Shiatsu Practitioner, Italy

“My life took a turn for the better once I had a day with Diana.  I spent my whole life feeling guilty and critical about everything. If I had only known when I was younger that my dominant "Balanced" Archetype was way off balance. Now I understand how to see the perfection in my life. Since then I have changed jobs, opened up my own Pilates Gym and created a beautiful relationship with my husband and teenagers.” Cristina M, Italy

"Diana is a Rockstar!" Lee Richter, USA, Speaker

"Diana is a shining example of empowered womanhood!"  Jasmine Sampson, Healer and Spiritual Business Guide, New Zealand

"I was so surprised at how precise all this information is about me.  And it is so easy to follow on line. It helped me to observe and change certain behaviors in a way that actually make me feel better! So now I understand why I am doing things, and instead of putting myself down for stuff, I am aware of it. It helps me not take things to an extreme and blame myself. It has been really helpful and very useful!  And the support with messages and follow up calls were fantastic to really help me integrate things and it added such a personal touch!" Aina Brence, Fashion Designer, UK  

“I am totally blown away by the facts you shared. You are awesome!” Prateek A., Exclusive Hotel & Restaurant Manager, UK

“The day after our first session, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000. I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.” Costanza T., Italy, Art Curator

“Diana’s method connects the human being in a way that feels right!” Mark Rabbit, Military Trainer & Leadership Coach, USA

“The only thing I can say is amazing!” Ornella T., CEO Wine Distribution, Italy


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