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"This book completely transformed my life! Diana has a unique gift to be able to really show you how to live your own unique way in life. Before I read this I didn't really understand myself or why I did (or didnt) live my life in a certain way. Now I am completely aligned and feel such a sense of relaxation in really knowing who I am and how to live my life. Since then, so many things in my life changed. My business has really taken off, I have met so many people that I am totally aligned with and I feel great in myself every day!"


"I read 23 personal development books this year and Modus Vivendi was, by far, the one that impacted my thinking, actions, and behaviors, more than all the others. Diana writes about a story, and puts you in the story, so I was visualizing myself, feeling the emotions, and thinking back to certain moments. This disrupted my usual left brain thinking, and changed my emotions and thinking to a degree that very few personal development books have done for me. Do yourself a BIG favor and buy and read Modus Vivendi from front to back. You will be blessed."

Tom too tall Cunningham
Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor
2 Time Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in 3 countries
MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador
Founder of Journey To Success Radio

Diana Dentinger Modus Vivendi Audio Book


Diana is an Internationally-known Best Selling Author, Speaker and Personal Development Coach. She primarily helps busy entrepreneurs and executives stop “losing themselves” on their path to success.  Her leading edge coaching tools, especially the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY™ Program, gives them the utmost clarity on who they are so their confidence, energy and consciousness skyrocket, leading to improved health, professional fulfillment and unconditional relationships.

Diana blends neuroscience as well as symbology, etymology and ancient spirituality. She also supports middle aged women, interested in transitioning into a new chapter of their life, make the best decisions. 

 A Corporate Trainer, Team Building Specialist and Personal Development Coach since 1989, Diana’s claim to fame are her proprietary Coaching Methodologies. She created the PERSONALITY & NEEDS PROFILE™ and YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY™ Programs, the only 21st Century tools based on Neuroscience. Diana also has a Facilitator Certification Program so Successful Coaches learn these leading edge tools and add them to their strategies.   


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