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Understand Which of the 22 Innate Needs Describe Your Talents, Qualities and Core Personality Strengths to Reach Your Full Potential in Your Private & Professional Life!

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The 22 Unique Individual Needs™
Knowing your Needs is the fastest way to happiness and success! When you know exactly what you love to do and what you are naturally good at doing (and being) then you to know how to structure your life to be more and do more of it.
My studies about "Needs" started over 25 years ago as a Corporate Consultant. I used many  behavior models in training seminars and many talked about the Universal Needs. 
I was often asked by companies, who had international clients, if I could help them with cross cultural communication. So I studied even Cultural Needs.
But, strongly believing that every individual is unique, I tried to find programs that precisely helped people be themselves fully. And to my disappointment, I only found "cookie cutter" recipes in the self help, behavior and performance arena.
So I set out on a quest to find and create tools that would give a person their own "instruction manual" on how to be their unique self. This was fruit of rigorous studies as a psychosomatic illness therapist in neuroscience.
I discovered that, yes, every person can be defined by their Unique Individual Needs.
And there are 22 Unique Individual Needs - not just the 5 or 6 defined as Universal Needs by Maslow and used also by Anthony Robbins. Clients of mine who have learned about their Unique Individual Needs in various coaching programs have this to say about the process:
“Diana, you have blown me away with what you knew! It was so impressive and accurate. You have surprised me so many times with your insights and your amazingly accurate perceptions... and also your generosity! You are so talented and intuitive. Everyone will be very impressed with what they learn about themselves and their dear ones.” 
So now on to YOU!  Read over each one of The 22 Unique Individual Needs™ from the Infographics and decide, for now, the 3 that describe you the most! And from now on, simply decide to be like that and do those things! 
This really is the best way to energize your life... being the Unique You!
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