Your Life Your Way Podcast with Diana Dentinger for Women on How to Increase Self Confidence - Part 1



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THING 1 - Get Unshakeable Self Confidence
- Without Self Confidence you wait for other people to accept and approve of you. 
- Without Self Confidence you are trapped in the game of meeting everyone else's expectations of you.
- Without Self Confidence you give others permission to define your self worth. 
- WITH THESE SECRETS you have what you need to be in the right place at the right time to meet the people so you go with a more synchronistic flow.
- WITH THESE SECRETE you feel great to be you!


THING 2 - Get Unstoppable Momentum
- Without constant momentum you start but then stop, you step up a bit but then step back again.
- Without constant momentum you race until you burn out. You quit and give in before you get what you really want.
- Without constant momentum you are subject to on and off days - emotionally. You waste time, inertia and concentration.
- WITH THESE SECRETS you will overcome the feeling you are never doing enough, good enough for society, your boss, your family and (ugh) your loved ones!
- WITH MOMENTUM you gain long term fulfillment.


THING 3 - Get Unlimited Energy Supply
- Without energy you can't do much!
- Without "innate energy" you NEED your coffee, green drink, supplements, your sleep, your meditation or something from the outside to give you energy... even new shoes!
- Without energy you feel helpless, weak, vulnerable and unable to improve.
- Without energy you rely on other people to do or decide things to make you happy.
- WITH THESE SECRETS you access your feminine energy.
- WITH THESE SECRETS you are energized, whether you get the sleep, because the most energizing thing is being YOU.



Who is Diana Dentinger

Diana Dentinger is an innovative change maker and influential thought leader who teaches you how to be yourself. Not only in her leading "Self Help - Transformational" book "MODUS VIVENDI - Your Life Your Way"... but even in her Podcast, Speaking Engagements and One on One Coaching, Diana reveals a Secret Formula for Total Life Fulfillment. This formula is fruit of her 25 years of rigorous scientific brain research, certifications in many internationally popular behavior assessments, study with top European Sociologists, and becoming a neurobiology therapist for psychosomatic illnesses. 


Diana is a Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach and a very fun and energetic person!  She loves to joke around taking the drama out of life. Yet she takes her mission about "helping people love themselves" very seriously! Diana’s coaching is based on your biology, your inherited emotional memory and your innate programming. She is specialized in etymology, key word coding for healing and symbology. 


She sees and hears you for who you really are. Her clients get a fast, life changing shift to create the life they truly desire. American born in Chicago, Illinois, Diana has lived over 30 years in Europe raising her 4 children in Italy.



“Diana connects the human being in a way that feels right!”
Mark Rabbit, USA, Military Trainer & Leadership Coach


“My life took a turn for the better once I signed up to work with Diana.  I spent my whole life feeling guilty and critical about everything.  I was ready to walk out on my husband and my kids. Then I understood how to see the perfection in my life. And thanks to Diana this was all possible. Since then I have changed jobs, opened up my own Pilates Gym and created a beautiful relationship with my husband and teenagers."  
Cristina M., Italy, Gym Owner & Pilates Instructor 


“I feel sorry for the people that don’t do coaching with Diana. They really miss out on learning how to be themselves!”

Maria F., Portugal, Media Creation


“The day after our first session, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000. I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.” Costanza T., Italy, Art Curator


“I feel so relieved after being in this program. It reconfirmed the things I sensed to be true about myself but that I didn’t know how to use. Now I know exactly how to take my life experiences to help my clients.” Silvia S., Italy, Shiatsu Practitioner


“The only thing I can say is amazing!” 
Ornella T., CEO Wine Distribution


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