Helping Your Client know "Who They are" Exponentially Increases their Success

More and more People are feeling Lost and Empty. They are searching for Who They Are. They are wanting more Meaning & Purpose. You offer that to your Clients when you use the Your Life Your Way Profile & Coaching Methodology. It is a massive Win-Win as you Transform Lives!

The Only Way to Become Outstanding is to "Know Your Clients better than They Know Themselves"!

Diana Dentinger has been in the Personal and Professional Development Industry as a Trainer, Coach & Neurobiology therapist since 1989 and is now Training Coaches in her Proprietary "Your Life Your Way" Methodology.

The Fastest Process!

People now are getting more "impatient" as they want a "quick fix" to whatever challenge they have. With Your Life Your Way Coaching, you can get your Clients crystal clear about who they are in a quick hour so they make decisions that fit and feel great! Find out more about this by experiencing it in a Discovery Session with Diana Dentinger.  

The Most Effective!

When you are hired to Coach, Train or Mentor someone, then it is vital that you really understand them. But most people don't really understand themselves so this process is long and drawn out. Instead when you guide them through their Personality Profile first, then your work is easier and more exact. And their results are so much greater.

Most Coaching tools are "Old School" based on Jung, Maslow, NLP & Positive Psychology

You Want the Fastest & Most Effective Tools

Your Life Your Way Facilitator Certification teaches you How to Guide your Clients through their Personality Profile so in very few hours they are crystal clear on Who they are, their Life Purpose and their fullest Potential. You learn vital "New School" Neuroscience to catalyze long lasting change!

When they read their Profile descriptions, their "neurons actually reconnect" giving them access to their Innate Talents. They know exactly then How to Achieve their Desires. Being trained in the Your Life Your Way Methodology is the secret to becoming the Most Outstanding Coach, Trainer or HR Professional. You are able to give clients the clarity they need to overcome overwhelm, doubt & confusion forever. They feel confident, motivated and energised. And you do too!

Listen to an Explanation of the Certification Process in the Video

Certification in 3 Empowering Life Changing Phases

1. How to Live Your Life Your Way

In this first phase you take the Path to Prosperity and go through the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY™ Program to know profoundly and integrate wholly each aspect of yourself. When you walk the walk first, then you can walk your talk with clients after the Certification Process. This process will give you amazing self confidence because you will know for sure that you are on the right path. You become your first case study. There are 12 facets of Personality. You are not one of 4 types, you are so much more and you discover this all with Diana.

2. How to Create a Successful Business

In this Second Phase, you have another One on One Coaching Session with Diana Dentinger to get clear as a Coachee on the Business Model that best "fits who you are". Often what the mainstream is doing is stressful or dissatisfying for who you are. You want to make sure that you are feeling progress to peacefully create it.

Together we do your “Branding” that includes your ideal client, your key words, your colors and how you show up as a "professional persona" in this 3 part Coaching Success Triade.

3. How to Use the Methodology

In this final Phase you study the leading edge tools of the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY™ Methodology: The Basics of Human programming such as “Needs Drive Behaviour”; The Principles of the Brain as the an organ that go beyond “Mindset”; The 12 Facets of Personality; What they mean and where they reside; The 22 Unique Individual Needs with predictable innate talents and conflicts; The Blending of Personality Needs that make an individual unique; Work with Symbology, Etymology and Self Image Creation for Empowering Holographic Energy.

Will you be one of the 0,25% of the 50,000 Coaches worldwide to become an OUTSTANDING COACH? If you strive for excellence and want to distinguish yourself from the masses, then you must know, master and integrate the latest research in NEUROBIOLOGY and unique PERSONALITY into your programs.

You could literally be just a few steps away from becoming an even more Outstanding Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Therapist, Psychologist ... but first You must know this... There are a Limited Number of Applicants Accepted.



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Who is Diana Dentinger

Awarded Top 100 World Women Achievers 2018 called "A Woman of Substance" for her Creation of the Personality & Needs Profile & the Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodology

An innovative Change Maker and influential Thought Leader, Diana is a Pioneer in spirit, exploring and finding Solutions to Human Behavior issues at work like low job performance, lack of motivation and burnout; and for rapid, long lasting Personal Growth like Self Confidence, Realization & Fulfillment.

As a trendsetter, she differentiates herself from traditional Corporate Trainers and Coaches, bringing lightness, play and metaphor creation into Strategic Success Planning as well as profound Science & Spirituality. She has been in the Personal & Professional Development Industry since the end of the 1980's.

Her own proprietary Methodology is fruit of 20 years of rigorous research, study with top European Behaviour Experts and completion of her Education as a Neurobiology therapist for Psychosomatic Illnesses.

Living in Europe since 1984, she raises her 4 children in Italy, spends her time creating content for online programs, inspiring people worldwide and training "new school" Coaches.

Diana drastically shortens the time for you to get results by getting you to Know Who You Are. She is the top specialist in Personality, Performance, Key Word Coding to Shift Behavior, Symbology and Etymology. All these are necessary to catalyze long lasting change in people.

She has been seen on over 200 major media channels for her profound work with Executives and Entrepreneurs in her “Women of Meaning” project of “Find Meaning to Find Yourself”. She is a Best Selling Author with her book "Modus Vivendi" and as a featured contributor to the books “Journeys to Success”, “Be More Do More”, “Pure Genius”, “Here’s How I Did It”.