Welcome to Step 1 of Your Masterclass Video Training with Your Life Your Way Profile Playbook

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You will be thrilled to discover all the wonderful things about yourself in this Step by Step Process. Here are some tips so you get the most out of our time together.

1. Your Profile: It usually takes 48 to 72 hours for us to get the PDF back to you once you have submitted the Questionnaire. The file is around 12 mb and arrives in your email inbox so please whitelist these: dianadentinger21@gmail.com and contact@dianadentinger.com.

2. For the best assimilation of your "Personality Needs", please download your Profile and print it in a "magazine format A5 size" like you see in the videos (a mini magazine).

3. Get a pocket sized notebook to take notes during the training. Keep these notes with you during the day to write down observations about "how you are" in your day to day life related to your "Personality Needs".

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