Diana Dentinger

08. Facilitator Certification INDIA - Your Life Your Way Methodology as a Business in a Book

  • 08. Facilitator Certification INDIA - Your Life Your Way Methodology as a Business in a Book

Diana Dentinger

08. Facilitator Certification INDIA - Your Life Your Way Methodology as a Business in a Book

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This is a Business in a Box for those Coaches Looking for a Scientifically based Signature Program that is tried, true and proven highly effective for over 15 years.

Diana Dentinger, the creator of the Personality & Needs Profile and the Your Life Your Way Coaching Methodology has clients from over 20 countries who say she knows them better than they know themselves. That is her secret to guiding clients so successfully to transform their lives. You too can have this secret! 

This is an Additional Tool for those Coaching Looking to Up Level their Self Awareness as well as their ability to fully Understand their Client and their Client's Needs.



The Facilitator Certification Training Program is a go at your own pace course - lasting from 3 to 9 months - depending on how much time you wish to dedicate to up levelling and learning these leading edge coaching tools. 


Facilitator Certification Brochure


In this first phase you take the Path to Prosperity and go through the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Program to know profoundly and integrate wholly each aspect of yourself. When you walk the walk first, then you can walk your talk with clients after the Certification Process. This process will give you amazing self confidence because you will know for sure that you are on the right path. You become your first case study.

There are 12 Facets to a Complete Personality and you have a Unique Individual Need in each Facet. You are not one type out of four nor so small to fit into a few categories. This first Phase is about remembering your innate greatness to shine brighter as a unique human being. Your life, how you show up in relationships and what you choose as a profession or role becomes then a more fully coherent outward expression of who you are inside. You will get to know the Key Words that light up your brain and biology and create your Real Self Image to expand your Energy Field.

You start the Facilitator Certification process with your own YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Playbook that contains your Personality readout and includes 28 Personalised videos, your Life Game Board and your Personal Cards as visual reminders to have fun and play with your Personality. You are also Coached One on One by Diana Dentinger.

Your Life Your Way Facilitator Certification with Diana Dentinger


In this Second Phase, you have another One on One Coaching Session with Diana Dentinger to get clear as a Coachee on the areas of your life that you wish to improve. Often it is not Business. Often the idea of creating a dream business is because another area of life is stressful or dissatisfying. You want to make sure that you are finding solutions to your everyday issues through this methodology and feeling progress to peacefully create it.

In a nutshell, you become exponentially more effective by means of the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAYTM Methodology because you start being yourself again - without the masks and expectations of others conditioning your feelings, thoughts and actions. So when you start the “Branding” phase of your ideal client, your key words, your colors and how you show up as an expert, are just you being yourself in your fuller potential.

This is how clients trust you and feel you are the “go to person” for what they need. Your words are from your heart because of the enriched self love you have for your Life Purpose. How we want to improve the Coaching Industry is to put an end to the manipulative marketing ploys and triggers just to get people to “buy”. How about instead radiating the energy and vibrancy of fulfilment and that draws them in to work with you!

Your Life Your Way Facilitator Certification with Diana Dentinger


In this final Phase of the Facilitator Certification you study these leading edge tools of the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Methodology:

  • The Basics of Human programming such as “Needs Drive Behaviour”

  • The Principles of the Brain as the an organ that go beyond “Mindset”

  • The 12 Facets of Personality, What they mean and Where they reside

  • The 22 Unique Individual Needs with predictable innate talents and conflicts

  • The Blending of Personality Needs that make an individual unique

  • Work with Symbology, Etymology and Self Image Creation for Energy

Most Coaching methodologies are still based on the Psychology of Behaviour from the 1800’s and modernised with some Positive Psychology from the 1950’s. But so much research has been done since then.

Your ability to stand out as an Expert depends on how up to date you are with what works to catalyse long lasting change in people’s lives.

Our goal is to give clients tools to set them free - free to be exactly who they are in their highest potential, to see it clearly in their mind and feel it in their heart, body and soul. Give this gift to your clients so they enrich their lives by feeling whole, and so this joy and inner peace ripples out to the people in their lives and beyond.

Your Life Your Way Facilitator Certification with Diana Dentinger  


You will be given the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching Playbook with Personality Profile of my previous clients for you to study and coach me through as if I were them. I have their preliminary questionnaire that you can read so you learn how to connect what they say about themselves and their issues, to who they are as well as the predictability of how they explain things.

This is the funnest part of all when you really shine! 

You could prepare each case study in a few hours and then we have our One on One Calls. When you "pass" then you will be officially Certified. I am demanding because I feel that as coaches and guides for people looking to improve their lives we have a highly responsible role. 


You will get my "advice" on how to best position what you do for others based on who you really are. This can be through creating a One page Speaker Media Kit so you get hired to do Conferences, the key words to put in your BIO, or the correct wording for a flyer for a local Workshop!


When you become a Certified Facilitator you can do One on One or Group Coaching with these tools as they are or integrate the information you will have from clients with what you already do.

You are not allowed to teach the methodology! I have over 15 years of experience and tens of thousands of hours in research involved in being the creator of this methodology. You would be doing your "students" wrong and if they had deeper questions, you would not be able to answer them so save yourself from the loss of trust.

To use the YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY Coaching tools you will become licensed and owe an annual licensee fee that we will establish together as well as for every client PLAYBOOK or Personality Profile elaborated, you will also have a minimal fee to pay. 

Facilitator Certification for India with Diana Dentinger

If you would like to talk before committing to this process then please fill out the form to APPLY FOR FACILITATOR CERTIFICATION by ordering first your Personality Profile so we can have a talk specifically about you for when we are on the call. 

The pricing for this Program can vary from what is stated here. It can be higher or lower for you depending on the status of your current coaching business.

Fill out the questionnaire and then schedule your interview. 

Thank you for your interest.

Diana Dentinger