Diana Dentinger

08. Personality & Needs Profile™ + 3 Part Webinar - Indian Citizens

  • 08. Personality & Needs Profile™ + 3 Part Webinar -  Indian Citizens

Diana Dentinger

08. Personality & Needs Profile™ + 3 Part Webinar - Indian Citizens

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Needs drive behavior. Knowing your "Unique Individual Needs" is vital for you to get more happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in life! Get your coupon code discount in the Free Quiz Manuals to get this for a fraction of the investment.

Diana Dentinger Personality Profile

There are 22 Unique Individual Needs and you have a unique set of 7 to 12 of these in a unique combination that describes your Personality & Needs to a tee. Your "Unique Individual Needs" are also your innate talents! Understanding which ones are yours and how to access the full potential in them is essential to your professional performance. 


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1. Your Personality & Need Profile™ Readout 75 paged Manual. This is a readout of your specific Needs in the 12 facets of your Personality. It is delivered in a 75 page personalized PDF Manual to your inbox. The profile Manual serves as a workbook that walks you through the process of living your Needs.

2. It includes links to 15 Explanatory Video links so you get the most out of your Needs descriptions and understand how to BE MORE OF YOURSELF.

3. An AMAZING 3 PART WEBINAR WORKSHOP conducted by Diana Dentinger as she coaches you step by step through your Profile. It is fantastic support!  

Diana Dentinger Personality Profile

Once you complete your order, you will be directed to fill out your Questionnaire so we can elaborate your profile. EXPECT an email with the pdf version of your Personality & Need Profile™ within 48 hours. 

REMEMBER: Your Unique Individual Needs are really you! They describe Who You Are, Your Life Purpose and What More You Can Be. Get all these key answers in your Personality & Needs Profile™ now. 

This is a leading edge, 21st century "life hack" to self improvement that quantum leaps your personal self awareness so you get easy, exact and effective answers to life's most basic questions. The Personality & Needs Profile™ saves you years of trying to figure yourself / life out and wasting time with all the trail and error along the way.

With these answers you have maximum clarity, increased self esteem and empowered energy to make great things happen in your life!

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Consider your Personality & Needs Profile™ your Life's Instruction Manual.

  • Discover the Needs that drive your behavior in 12 facets of your Personality.
  • Get the where, who, why, what and how to live life your way.
  • Learn to play with your new and complete Personality awareness.
  • Enhance your performance in in every area of life.

Diana Dentinger Personality Profile

Personality & Need Profile™ is a stand alone offer for one payment of €297 in a DIY Formula with a 3 Part Webinar series to walk you through the process as if Diana were sitting with you!  


The profile is based on Diana Dentinger's research in human programming and her becoming a neurobiologist specialized in unblocking psychosomatic illnesses. Adding this rare expertise along with her over 25 years of experience as a Corporate trainer and Personal Development Coach, she realized that all of the Personal and Professional Development tools (as well as the whole self help industry) is using "outdated" and old school technology.  She reverse engineered the "causes" of illnesses to create the profile and instead connect people to their greatness so they can prevent health and happiness issues!  

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Place your order and upon completing the payment process you will receive a link to FILL OUT a 2 Step Questionnaire and Quiz so we can elaborate your Personality &  Needs. 

Doing the 2 Steps takes about 20 minutes so we have all the essential information to elaborate your Personality & Needs Profile™. It will then be sent to your email address within 48 hours. 

The fun, easy and effective tools help you live more confidently with a clear vision of how to live your full potential. 

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"With this process, it's like I've always had a wardrobe full of stuff but now I understand how to put things in order and even use things I didn't even remember I had! It is so much on the spot!"  Aina Brence, Fashion Designer, London

"I met Diana at an Energise for Llife conference and what struck me me most about her was a real sense intuitiveness.  She seemed to know me without having met me before.  To give Diana justice is difficult to put into words, but suffice to say she came into my life at time when I was looking for something more and Diana has truly helped me in this respect.  She has allowed me to create a better understanding of myself and my needs and the net benefits of these have been to manage my mindset, work and relationship with a truly different but superior perspective. Knowing my predictable weaknesses, I was able to transform myself into being light and energised, with a sense of purpose and productivity.  Diana will always remain a good friend."  Dr. Ahilan Pathmanathan MBChB FRCA, Consultant Anesthetist

Diana Dentinger Testimonial

"Hello Diana, I just read the first part of my profile report you sent and my 19 year old daughter she said that is the most exact and concise report she ever heard and it is so close to my true personality. She wishes to get hers too!"  DTM, Mother of 3, Dancer, Author, USA

 "Diana’s method connects the human being in a way that feels right!” MR, USA, Military Trainer & Leadership Coach

"Since I read my profile that you put together. I am starting to implement changes in my life. The profile is giving me the energy to move forward in my life. Wow, I said "my life" and I just noticed I never say "my" about me! Love and gratitude, Dorothy."

" I was very impressed on how many aspects you hit on in my profile." SR, best selling Author, USA 

Personality & Needs Profile