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01. Your Life Your Way UNLIMITED

  • 01. Your Life Your Way UNLIMITED

Diana Dentinger

01. Your Life Your Way UNLIMITED

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Ever felt like you weren't really being yourself? Maybe you felt you were settling for less! Or it could be you just couldn't find the time to find the answers to questions like "what are you supposed to do with your life". 

This Coaching Program is for you if you are tired of doubt, frustration or confusion. If you want a fulfilling career but don't know how to have it. If you want great relationships in which you can really give the best of yourself.  

Diana Dentinger created this methodology after 25 years of Corporate Training and Personal Development Coaching. She found that her clients, from every walk of life and every professional role, had a yearning to be more!

Enroll in the Your Life Your Way Program so you learn how to Play All Out in Your Game of Life. It is fun, exciting and energizing... because the most energizing thing is you being your best self.

This program helps you to learn things about yourself that you forgot so you fully integrate your Complete Personality in each of these 12 Facets:

Your Inner Personality, Personal Project, Personal Plus, Reaction, Emotional Need, Intellectual Need, Balance Need, Relationship Need, Work Need, Home Need, Social Need and Reconnect.

You are multi-faceted and unique, which is why no other program or person has been able to give you this information... up to now... since Diana Dentinger has done intense research on human programming and behavior to unlock the secrets so you live your life your way, the way you are meant to be. 


The Your Life Your Way Playbook personalized for you that includes your Personality & Needs Profile™ results. This is a 92 paged PDF Workbook.

Personal Links to over 28 Cutting Edge Training Videos about You!

The Change Your Game Your Way™ Game Board your 12 personalized Cards.

PLUS UNLIMITED 20 MINUTE SKYPE CALLS with Diana Dentinger over a 9 month period so you get the answers to who you really are to expand into your potential, clear up any self doubt and switch it to self confidence and design the life of your dreams that you truly deserve.

The value of this program exceeds the value of €2500 stated here since it is the same content that Diana's private clients get in their €7500 program. And now it can be yours for only €999.


Place your order and upon completing the payment process you will receive a link to FILL OUT a 2 Step Questionnaire and Quiz so we can elaborate your Personality &  Need. 

Doing the 2 Steps takes about 20 minutes so we have all the essential information to elaborate your personality and send you your personalized Your Life Your Way Playbook complete with your Profile, Game Board and Cards. 

The fun, easy and effective tools help you live more confidently with a clear vision of how to live your full potential. 

EXPECT an email with the pdf version of Your Life Your Way Playbook and your video links within 48 hours.  Expect the physical package with the Playbook, Game Board and Cards to be at your doorstep usually within a week.

In the email you will get a Study Sheet so you plan your Personal Development and know the best time to schedule your One on One 2 hour call with Diana Dentinger. 





"Yes I HIGHLY recommend this course, no questions about that! It is a program which show cases your true self, and shows each individual is unique and that is derived predominantly as a biological factors. It describes in detail why we unconsciously operate in self sabotaging ways, which has a bearing on our genealogy which is very true as I am discovering everyday by practicing some of the techniques Diana has taught. Also it gives us domains where we can be successful as a professional based on our unique talents. The program focuses on all areas of your life Career, Relationship, health-fitness, Finances. When you are able to take control of all these areas of your life we will get peace of mind and happiness and all our actions and thoughts in life is focused on attaining it. It is a step by step program to achieve everything in life. The program is spread over a period of 3 months, we had exercises each week to apply the skills taught during each session. So it is a practical hands on program with full ROI. This is program is very much unlike a conventional 2 day or 3 day weekend program where all the information is crammed together without really opportunity to employ the same and check out for yourself how it applies in reality and ends up being a short term motivational program the efficacy of which weans after a few days once we are out of the program environment. But here concrete tools and techniques are given to us which we can constantly apply in our life to get results. Diana is such a down to earth and easily accessible person and has genuine interest in our success and well being. She provides focused attention and guidance to every individual in the program. Again, I highly recommend this program for every individual who is genuinely interested in achieving success in all spheres of their life. Definite ROI no questions about it Period." Nagananda Chandrashekar

"I was so surprised at how precise all this information is about me.  And it is so easy to follow on line. It helped me to observe and change certain behaviors in a way that actually make me feel better! So now I understand why I am doing things, and instead of putting myself down for stuff, I am aware of it. It helps me not take things to an extreme and blame myself. It has been really helpful and very useful!  And the support with messages and the final call were fantastic to really help me integrate things and it added such a personal touch! Now and then I go back to watch the videos, even after the 9 days, to expand my view on each of my Needs and to continue growing."  Aina Brence, Fashion Designer England

"I am eternally grateful for this process and your words of wisdom. Whenever I need to feel really good and grounded I am going to read them. I love the part of not making choices and vibrating high and letting the Universe choose for me. The truth is love all of it, I am going to start by following my heart and listening to myself." 

“Diana, you have blown me away with what you knew! It was so impressive and accurate. You have surprised me so many times with your insights and your amazingly accurate perceptions... and also your generosity! You are so talented and intuitive. Everyone will be very impressed with what they learn about themselves and their dear ones.”  LM, best selling Author, Entrepreneur, USA

"You are the first person whose words gave me enormous relief after my divorce. No other psychiatrist, psychotherapist I have ever met could make me feel so good." SMS, Financial Consultant, India

“I am spellbound at the discoveries about myself with your methodology. You are a genius!" 

"I have attended many workshops and heard so many coaching styles, patterns and topics, but none of them is as unique as yours. Your coaching is so tailor made for each and every individual. If knowledge is power, self knowledge and awareness is the ultimate light and power. I am really glad I met you. My heartfelt thanks!" SR, Communication Skills Trainer, India